Shipping services

Shipping services

So, what are the most important points to consider when shipping a package?

DON'T: place an order last minute
DO: take into consideration public holidays and any unforeseen circumstances

Depending on the booking platform or on the courier company, you should place an order for shipping services in advance. In this case, it is crucial to know that sometimes couriers might not pick up your package on the selected date due to circumstances beyond their control. If your address is incorrect or difficult to locate, there’s heavy traffic, bad weather or any other problem on the road, the assigned courier might not show up on the scheduled day and the shipping services won’t be performed. That’s why you should plan to ship your parcels ahead. This way, there’s still time for the courier to come and collect your belongings before you change your location for good.

Don’t forget to check holidays. The courier company you selected might not offer shipping services during bank holidays. This will result in the postponement of the pick-up.

By planning things ahead and scheduling the pick-up with at least 2 days in advance, you will avoid any subsequent complications.

DON’T: disregard the allowed dimensions
DO: your homework – know the size and weight of your package

There are many different things that you can ship (suitcases, boxes or sports equipment, pallets just to name a few). You should know the exact dimensions of your package or pallet.  Getting the right quote is important, as well as meeting the standards of the selected courier company. If your package happens to be too big or too heavy, the courier might refuse to ship it. Without the exact dimensions of your pallets, you cannot get an accurate quote.

DON’T: place any prohibited items inside your package
DO: check what you are allowed to ship

The easiest way to decide if your item is suitable for shipping is to determine whether it is actually safe enough to send it, either for the content of your package, other parcels traveling alongside yours, or anyone handling the parcel. Think before you plan to send any poisonous, hazardous or infectious substances to your friend, as it is something you should not do. Unfortunately, the same rule applies to any animal or food product. For a more comprehensive list, please visit our prohibited and restricted items.

DON’T: reuse the same cardboard box several times
DO: pack your things carefully

As a sender, you have to choose the proper way to pack your items. The packaging you use plays an important role in the success of the shipping process. The best option would be using a sturdy box with suitable dimensions. Make sure that the content of your package is protected. It should also be closed and sealed carefully. Even if the cardboard box is not brand new, it still has to be strong enough in order to avoid any damage during transport and handling of the package. Furthermore, there should be no labels on your parcel (apart from the ones meant for the current shipment). Any labels from previous orders could confuse the couriers.

DON’T: leave your items loose inside a box
DO: separate your items and protect them individually

There is no problem with shipping several items. However, it is important to separate and wrap each of them carefully. Fill any empty spaces with cushioning material, so that the objects inside your package won’t move and get damaged. If you need some advice on how to prepare a shipment, take a look at our dedicated Guide.

DON’T: forget to indicate the exact address or any relevant details when booking shipping services
DO: double-check the details of your order

Choosing door-to-door shipping services means that you can order a pick-up from almost anywhere, as long as your place is fairly easy to locate. Any additional information that would help the assigned courier driver to find the right address is appreciated (such as the access code or the name on the doorbell). Before you place an order, check all the details and make sure that your address is correct. It will save you time and trouble afterward.

DON’T: think that your delivery will happen overnight
DO: check the estimated delivery time and track your package

Standard shipping services are different from the express services, meaning that there is an estimated time of delivery. It is not done as fast as possible.

However, the delivery is fully tracked so you can keep an eye on your package while it’s on the move. Nonetheless, it might take some time until it reaches its destination. Be patient, but don’t hesitate to act if it’s taking much longer than it should or if you notice something unusual in the tracking system.

DON’T: wait for a call
DO: be patient

Unfortunately, the couriers are not obliged to call before their arrival. They can come anytime between 9:00 and 18:00. Therefore, it’s important to have someone present at the given address, so that your package can be either picked up or delivered without any problems. Keep in mind that due to high demand, the driver might arrive slightly later than expected, especially during peak season.


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