Overseas Clients

Overseas Clients

Strong relationships are very important in business. One thing that we learned in our profound years of experience in the business is that a long-term relationship with the client plays a crucial role. Price, technology and the product itself does not literally translate to a good public awareness. An enduring relationship can present the significant challenge for the exporter especially if there is a language barrier. Over the past few years, we have perfected a line of principles that the exporter can use to develop relationship once they decided to send parcel from UK to their preferred destination.

Essential Tips to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Overseas Customers

The relationship of the exporter and the customer greatly affects the success of your business. Sadly, only a few people understand how loyalty has a great impact on their business when they are exporting and sending parcel to Netherland from UK. Based on the study, at least 89% of the consumers have decided to stop doing business on a company with a poor customer support.

Having Face-to-Face Communication

Having an unhampered connection with the key people in the exporting industry is essential. With the convenience that the digital world presents, it can be tempting to rely only on online communication system such as Skype and e-mail especially when exporting parcel to Netherlands from UK. However, according to DHL, face-to-face connection is effective in developing relationship. In most European companies such as Netherlands, most consumers expect that business will be conducted on a face-to-face relationship.

Be Transparent and Honest in Your Business Dealings

When conducting business, some business owners choose to deceive their consumers. However, when you are sending or exporting parcel to Netherlands from UK, it is certainly impossible to create a lasting relationship unless there is an existing transparency from the partner, exporter and the overseas consumers. Dealing with these issues openly will most possibly strengthen the communication between the consumers and exporters according to DHL.

Be Aware on the Value that you Provide With the Consumers

Interaction with the customers is often treated by different business owners as ‘in-case’ instances. However, if you want to ensure the success of your business, it is very essential to understand the journey that the overseas consumers are taking to continuously build loyalty. When you send parcel to Netherlands from UK, you need to continuously imagine innovative ways on how to make this enjoyable on the part of your consumers.

Monitor the Behaviour of the Overseas Customers

If an exporter wants to have a lasting relationship with their overseas customers, DHL believe that you need to understand how your consumers are interacting with your product. There are different tools that can help you analyse the behaviour of your customers. In addition, you can also have a partnership with a local company and conduct survey when you send parcel to Netherlands from UK to understand the actions and behaviour of the foreign customers.

The choice of the customer to stay loyal with your company or to choose your competitor depends on the support that they receive from your company. When sending parcel to Netherlands from UK, make sure that you will continuously provide innovative ways that will make their experience seamless and convenient.


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