Drop-Off services

Drop-Off services

As life becomes busier with longer working hours, family commitments and the odd day out thrown in for good measure, it can be nigh on impossible to wait home all day for your parcel to be collected by the courier.

Fear not, we have a solution for you. Using a parcel drop off service means that rather than waiting home you can simply take your parcel out and about with you and drop it off at one of 1000’s of drop-off points across the country. Drop off delivery….what could be easier?

Some helpful points to take into consideration whilst using a drop-off point:

  • Is a printer required?

All our services including those of a drop-off require our customers to print off labels and attach this to the parcel ready for the carrier to collect. When is a label is required we will display PRINTER REQUIRED in the first line of the service description.

Bear in mind that the paperwork that is required to be printed comprises of Labels, Customs invoices (applicable if the item is beign shipped to non-EU countries) and Drop-off instructions.

  • Does this mean that the package would be delivered to a drop-off point?

All our services are delivered to a door. Our carriers deliver drop-off packages to your recipients door.

  • How soon can I drop-off my parcel?

This is the beauty of the drop-off service, as soon as you place your order and print your label you can drop the parcel off. You don’t need to do it on a certain day although the longer you wait, the longer your parcel will take to be delivered.

The only thing you need to decide is which drop-off point to choose!

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  • How can I be sure that my package is picked up by the courier on the same day?

To make sure that a collection is booked for the driver to pick your packages up the same day we recommend our customers to insist that they colelct a receipt upon dropping off their parcels at the respective location. This way they can assure themselves that the packages have a collection scheduled. Kindly also note that any packages dropped off after 12 noon could miss out on the cut-off time, these times are area and zone specific.

  • What happens if your package is not picked up from the drop-off point?

Sometimes packages are picked up but tracking updates take about 24-48 hours to show up on tracking. However, if the package is still not scanned for a pick up from the service point then we request you to please contact customer services for an update and our experienced team will chase this up for you immediately.


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