Guitars and other musical instruments have fragile elements which can make them seem difficult to post out. Many guitar sellers on eBay shy away from posting them out, meaning they can only attract local buyers. That doesn’t have to be the case though, whether the guitar you’re sending is something you’ve sold, a gift, or a personal item you’re transporting from one address to another, here’s our guide to posting guitars by courier.

Ensuring your guitar is properly packaged before shipping is absolutely essential. Shipping a stringed instrument can be a bit daunting, but there is no need to worry; by following these basic tips and tricks you can rest assured it will arrive with its tone intact, and shine still pristine.

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Labelling and Packaging of Items

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How to Package a Guitar

Step 1: Loosen the guitar strings to remove any tension from the fret board. Then place your cloth under the strings and onto the fret board: this will ensure the frets are protected from any movement from the strings.

Step 2: Take your guitar case and line the head of it with bubble wrap. This will provide your guitar with its own cushion to support the neck. Then line the main body of the case with a few layers of bubble wrap so the guitar can’t touch the inner walls of the guitar case.

Step 3: Wrap the guitar in two layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape. You can then place the wrapped guitar within the guitar case, making sure the head of the guitar in particular is placed on the head lining. Place two more layers of bubble wrap on top of the head of the guitar to ensure it is protected.

Step 4 (optional):If your guitar has a bridge or whammy bar attached, please remove them and secure them in a secured pouch to be placed within the guitar case.

Once complete, secure your case and prepare your box. Simply layer the bottom of your box with 2 inches of bubble wrap and newspaper and then place your case on top. Fill any remaining space around the case in the box with bubble wrap or newspaper.


How to Secure Your Guitar for Shipping

Secure all flaps and seams with packaging tape. Make sure to line the spine of the box with plenty of tape to keep its structural integrity.

  • Secure the box further by wrapping packaging tape in three directions around the box, like a union flag pattern.

  • Clearly display your shipping label on the box.



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