DTI Services

DTI Services

You have decided to start growing your business overseas. It is, indeed, a challenging task which does hold many risks; however, the benefits and results you would reap are so tremendous that the risks are worth taking. All of that being said there are ways of making the whole process much easier. Sending a parcel to Saudi Arabia has never been as easy, as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will support you in your quest to new markets.

The Services

First of all, if you are a beginner exporter, you would need to go through the thorough process of creating a proper strategy and plan of how to go out on the specific market. First of all, you would need to target a market, which could be done based on a variety of different factors. Keep in mind that the closer the cultural and morals of a country, the easier it is to establish yourself in the given market. That being said, you shouldn’t just pass opportunities in markets where your products would sell well. If you would have to send a parcel to Saudi Arabia, do so and grow your business. Countries in the Arab world generally tend to lack a lot of goods, which are available on the western markets. The Department of Trade and Industry has materials on all of these topics, which you could utilise and help yourself.

On top of that, the DTI offers a free service which aims to show you where and how you could sell your type of product in a specific region. Their selling online overseas tool is meant to provide you with the best marketplace where you would reach the most customers. Take advantage of the deals which the UK government has negotiated regarding exporting. Those programs are only aimed for online businesses however, which shouldn’t really be a concern, considering how online marketing has taken over the world.

It is much easier to send your products online, it is easier to find new customers, and there is a customer flow 247 regardless of where you live. It does not require physical investment when reaching out to new markets either, and if you get a purchase from Saudi Arabia for example, you could simply send a parcel to Saudi Arabia. On top of that, the government will also support you as much as it can. You would need to contact a government official and make an appointment though.

Connect Yourself with Partners

The British government is a brand of itself, which means that if you take part of the exporting program of the Department of Trade and Industry, your products will respectively be held at a higher standard. That will enable you to find new buyers internationally much easier plus allow you to participate in a majority of events, which aim to connect the buyer and the supplier, creating a solid network for business relationships.


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