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Parcel Delivery to North America

North and Central America is a continent awash with many wonderful and diverse cultures, rich in history and steeped in traditions.

The land stretching up across the northern hemisphere is the 3rd largest continent on the planet. It is home to 23 countries, including all of the Caribbean and Central American countries, as well as numerous small possessions and territories. Greenland, the planet's largest island, is also classified as North America.

Central America is referred to as its own region but is generally considered to be part of the North American continent. With countries like Canada, The United States, Mexico, Panama and the Caribbean, French, English and Spanish are widely spoken throughout the continent.

Courierpoint delivers regularly to North and Central America using only the best tried and tested courier services ensuring safe and confident delivery. Making an overseas delivery feel like it’s only a street away, contact us today for a quote you will love.


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Sending to North America

Our wide range of discounted international courier services can deliver the next day to most USA zip codes and in only 2 days to other main cities in the region. The services of FedEx and UPS to North America are the best, and we can offer their range of express services, timed services or economy services. All our available services can be viewed from our quick quote tool and offer online tracking. In addition to the carrier support, you will also have access to our unique shipping tools and be supported by our award-winning customer service team, who will proactively monitor your shipments.


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North American Imports

You are able to schedule import from throughout North America back to the UK in seconds. Our shipping comparison tool will instantly display the import options that we have available and schedule a collection for you. You can select for our fast air express services through to the slower economy and sea freight options. Whichever service you select, our system will automatically produce all of the shipping paperwork required, from the air waybill through to any customs paperwork. Just be sure to check the import duty costs before placing your order to avoid any unexpected surprises.

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