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Parcel delivery to USA

Welcome to the Land of the Free my friends, and your packages are welcome here too. The United States have the biggest economy on the globe and are one of the largest consumer countries in the last 100 years. That is not going to change anytime soon. So, when it is consumer goods, posting an important parcel or conducting serious business with US clients, you must be sure that your delivery is getting there on time and intact.

Courierpoint is the company you go to, when you want to make sure your package is delivered on time, professionally and at the most affordable price.

So, no matter what your need of a trusted courier is, regular shipping for your business or a one-time shipment of your expensive China set, we are here for you.

Shipping and posting to the United States has never been more efficient or cheaper. Trust us we are here for you. Choose Courierpoint. For a safe arrival.


Cheap Parcel to USA

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to USA.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to USA £30.42 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to USA £34.51 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to USA £62.68 Quote & Order


Sending to the United States of America

Your shipment will be collected, routed and delivered by large branded couriers that you trust for total peace of mind. They will collect, route and deliver your important shipments. By placing your order through us, you get our exclusive discounted rates, based on our large total shipment volumes. This means that you will always be paying the lowest price possible for your deliveries.




Shipping to USA

We offer a wide range of shipping services for deliveries to USA. These include freight-shipping options by road and air. You can send items, from small boxes through to heavy weight freight, all at competitive economic prices. Goods can be personal effects or commercial products. We can move part containers to full containers by road or air as required and best of all, quotes are usually instant. 


Large parcel to USA

If you have an unusual sized parcel delivery to the USA, we can arrange to move it through the network. Through our range of premium carriers, we can arrange to move all your long, heavy or large items. If you cannot get an automated quote, please get in touch through our customer service team and we will provide a bespoke quotation.


Fast delivery to USA

Our Priority Express service is one of the fastest ways to send urgent documents and parcels to the USA. Delivered to most metropolitan areas throughout America by 10.30am the next working day. With flights leaving every night from Stansted, this fully tracked service is best way to send urgent consignments over the pond.


Courier to USA

The price of sending a parcel with a courier service to the USA can vary from a few pounds to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Here is a list of the key factors that are taken into consideration when a courier calculates your carriage charges. By explaining how they work, you can consider how to lower your courier costs further:

  1. The larger a parcel is, the more a carrier will charge for routing it through their network.
  2. The heavier a parcel is, the more resources it costs the courier to move it.
  3. If you are sending your shipment to a main city, this has a lower delivery cost than addressing the parcel to a remote area.
  4. Urgent, fast services are more expensive to provide than slower economy alternatives. Likewise, timed morning deliveries are more expensive than deliveries that can take place throughout the working day.
  5. Taking your shipment to a drop off point or a depot will lower the cost of shipping, as it saves the courier from additional collection costs.
  6. The more liability cover that your shipment requires, the higher the cost of providing this is to the courier service, which is passed onto the customer.


Pallet to USA

We can arrange to move pallets with a weight of up to 500 kilos by air to the USA. This is a door to door service with a fast transit time of 5-10 working days, subject to customs clearance. Rates are calculated individually, so please contact customer service for more information.


Gifts to USA

A person can receive gifts up to the value of $800 per day and not pay import duty or tax thanks to the new De Minimis Value increasing to this level in March 10th 2016. Gifts must be from a private individual, from a residential address to a private individual at a residential address, for this exemption to apply. For further information click here – gift import values


Personal belongings to USA

If your personal belongings originated in the USA and have not been altered, you can send them back into the USA declaring on your proforma invoice “American Goods Returned”.
If duty or taxes are due, USA customs will collect it from the receiver of the package.


American customs

All shipments travelling into the USA have to be declared to the USA Customs department and are assessed for duties and taxies. To enable this to happen, all shipments, except documents, must have either a Commercial Invoice – if the goods have been sold, or a Proforma Invoice – if the contents have been sent for another reason. On these invoices the shipper must define for customs:

  1. Who the sender and receiver of the shipment is.
  2. The reason for the shipment.
  3. An itemised list of the contents and their value.

Using this information, customs will assess if Import Duty and or Import Tax is due for bringing the shipment into the USA. You can visit the following USA customs website to find out more information about your specific shipment: www.cbp.gov/trade/programs-administration/determining-duty-rates 

Our booking system will automatically produce all of the customs paperwork required for you as part of our service.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to USA

Our range of parcel delivery services are provided by leading branded couriers you can trust.

If you are searching for the most competitive rate for your shipment, from a range of reliable branded couriers, then you are at the right website. You are able to use Courierpoint as a courier comparison site, and remember if you open an account, you will qualify for additional discounts.

To view our unique offer, simply ensure that you have your measurement and weights for each parcel that you need to send. Within a few seconds we will provide a range of quotes for sending your shipment to the USA. You will see fast, next day air express services, through to economy services that are usually cheaper than using Royal Mail or Parcel Force postal services to the USA.

All our courier services offer full tracking from collection through to delivery. By monitoring your shipment, you can have complete knowledge of where it is at every step of its journey. Although we use the best carriers, it is also good for you to know that all our clients’ shipments are fully supported by our local customer services team, giving you peace of mind.

It is always good practice to read through our FAQ page, as here we list a lot of information that shippers can find very useful, including information on liability and advice on how to pack your goods. Our customer service team is available to help with any queries Monday through to Friday, excluding bank holidays.


Import from USA

We can offer a reliable import service from any States in America back to any postcode in the UK. Our carriers offer a door to door service that includes customs clearance, and we can move anything from a document through to multiple parcels. All our imports can be tracked online and are monitored whilst in transit by our customer service team for your peace of mind. Instant import quotes are available.


USA Shipping Reviews

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