Export sales

Export sales

Expanding on the international markets seems like the suitable options for most companies these days. With the endless possibilities of online market places, which replace the requirement of a physical representation of the company on a local level, it has become much simpler to gain access to the respective market of desire.

Keeping that in mind, there are still a lot of things to consider. You might have conducted a thorough research and composed a unique business plan already. However, the results of the first quarter might not be satisfactory. Regardless of whether you are successful in expanding your business internationally, the following tips aim to help you raise the sales of your exported goods.

Focus on a few products at first

If you have a variety of different products, promoting all of them could be a heavily challenging task. Let us look at the objective factors. Your brand is most likely unknown to the foreing market to begin with. Whether you will be promoting ten products or one, the brand awareness will still rise with the same percentage. Be that as it may, you would be spending a lot of more resources if you promote different products or services at the same time. Research how each one of your products would appeal to the foreign audience and select a few of them to massively promote. Do not forget about the cultural factors that could either make a product a huge success or turn it into an enormous failure.

Make sure that all of the standards in terms of safety and health regulations are met. Compose marketing materials for the respective markets. You will never get to send a parcel to Hong Kong from UK if the promotion materials are not in the respective languages.

Pinpoint the countries you are targeting

As a British citizen, going for countries like India and Hong Kong could be a good idea, considering the historical influence the United Kingdom has had on both. Almost the whole population of Hong Kong speaks English. This makes communication much easier and smoother. 
There are some questions you should ask yourself. What are the market advantages you would gain there? Find the exact reasons you are selecting this country. What kind of a transport route would you take? Would you be using a reliable courier company like Courierpoint where you could save on your costs or go directly to the carrier like TNT and pay for the same service up to 63% more? Would you be responsible for the transport of the goods or would that be on the shoulders of the receivers? How strong is the competition? Are the local government regulations punishing products and services that are being imported with extra taxes? How stable is the currency and what is the business culture? Is it easy to access the market?
Every single aspect should be analysed before any major decision is made. 


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