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Parcel delivery to Norway

Norway is a stunning country in Northern Europe, blessed with mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. And with incredible history of seafaring Vikings warriors, who conquered many nations, including some settlings in North America. Several 9th century Viking ships are displayed in Oslo.

The people of this wonderful Scandinavian country are as colourful and as beautiful as their homes. With a population of little over 5.3 million - a 12th of that of the UK, Norway is a very safe country boasting a relaxed and calm vibe.

Norway has always been a close friend and trading partner of UK. They have graciously donated the large Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square since 1947.

We may not deliver parcels the size of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, but we do deliver every item of mail we send to Norway with the same care and attention. Courierpoint offers the best prices and uses only the best and trusted courier services around. Contact Courierpoint today for the best quotes.

Courierpoint makes an overseas delivery feel like it’s only a street away.


Cheap Parcel to Norway

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Norway.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Norway £35.68 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Norway £44.33 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Norway £72.44 Quote & Order


Sending to Norway

As all the Scandinavian countries speak perfect English, including Norway, it is very easy for UK businesses to trade with Norwegian customers. Through Amazon and eBay international marketplaces we are now seeing consumers in Norway buying lots of products from UK online retailers. Courierpoint.com specialises in helping businesses get exceptionally competitive prices for the delivery of the international shipments with large international courier services. Most of the shipments that are sent from the UK go straight to large cities in Norway, such Oslo and Bergen. Although we are able to deliver parcels to any address in Norway.




Compare delivery quotes to Norway

We provide a service where you can compare multiple branded carrier quotes and select the right service that best fits your needs. As Norway is such a large country, is it very important to check if the delivery postcode is deemed remote, before your quote for parcel delivery. Remote locations have additional courier costs and extended transit times for parcel delivery. Our online website quote function offers retailers a very easy to use interface, with which to check the exact cost and transit time for the services that are available. All our quotes are very competitive and will usually be the cheapest in the market place.


Shipping to Norway

Norway is outside of the European Union, so any shipment sent, that does not contain just documents, needs to have either a pro-forma or commercial invoice for customs clearance. This will be presented to customs when the shipment arrives and the customs office will assess if the shipments can enter Norway duty free, or if duty and taxes are due. To ensure that customs classify the contents of your shipment correctly and therefore assess any duty at the correct rates, we recommend that you include the commodity codes for the products on your invoice. You can speak with the UK customs office if you need assistance in classifying your contents.


Large parcel to Norway

We have specialist services for moving large parcels or palletised goods at the cheapest prices to Norway. Our standard services can move parcels up to 2.2 meters in length and 500 kilos in weight per piece. Please get an instant quote for your shipment or contact customer service to discuss your options anytime.


Courier to Norway

We offer two services to Norway, an air express courier service that is normally delivered within 1 working day to main cities, and our economic road service that takes 3-5 days, depending on delivery location. To get an exact cost, you need to have the delivery zip code and the size and weight of each box that you need to send. We recommend for international shipments that you use additional packing material inside your boxes to help the contents withstand the movement of the journey. Obviously, a parcel to Norway has to go a lot further than a parcel inside the UK, so extra attention to packaging will help to prevent any damage in transit to your goods.


Drop off parcel to Norway

We offer local drop off points throughout the UK, so that you do not need to wait in for a collection. You are able to drop off your parcel locally and go about your day. The shipment will be collected from the drop off point by a branded international carrier and will travel as if it was collected from your home. Everything fully trackable and monitored by our customer service team.


Import from Norway

Many businesses need to import products from Norway or students are often sending personal possession between the two countries. We can offer competitive import rates for any parcel or freight that you need to import into the UK from Norway. 


Cheapest parcel delivery to Norway

Whatever the contents of your shipment, by selecting one of our parcel delivery services, you can be confident that your parcel will be handled with great care. You will be charged the lowest possible price we can offer and know that we are at the end of the phone, if you have any questions. Due to our bulk buying, our prices are usually the cheapest way for you to send documents and parcels to Norway when comparing similar services. Please read some of the reviews that our current clients have given us, as they are a true reflection of our service. Please see below a selection of reviews about our delivery service to Norway.


Norway Shipping Reviews

Our Shipping to Norway services are rated 5 Star