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Parcel Delivery to Oceania

Oceania is the geographic region spanning the eastern and western hemispheres which includes the Australasia continent, Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. With a land area of 8,525,989 square miles and a total population of 42 million there are 14 countries in total in Oceania.

Separated by many miles of sea, the countries of Oceania are diverse with lush rolling jungle, barren scorching hot deserts, deep fjords and snow-capped mountains.

The majority of the people live in Australia and New Zealand, with the rest dotted over many islands like Fiji, Seram, Samoa and New Guinea.

There are 34 different languages spoken by the people in the Oceania region with English being the most widely spoken. 

Being on the far side of the planet, Courierpoint takes extreme care to choose only the best, tried and tested courier services when sending your most valuable mail to Oceania. 

Contact us today for a better than competitive quote. We make an overseas delivery feel like it's only a street away.


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Sending to Oceania

The UK maintains strong economic ties with the region and due to the ease of communication, there is a large mobile population who come to the UK to study and work from both New Zealand and Australia. We offer economical delivery services for moving personal effects by sea from both to and from Oceania countries, which are very popular. These services are fully trackable and include basic liability cover but have the option to upgrade.


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