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Cheapest parcel delivery services to Canada

Canada being the second largest country by area delivery to the country is vast. Similarly, our courier services to this country are also vast. not only send parcels to Ontario but also places like Calgary, Ottawa. So, if you planning to send your parcels to Canada, you would like to use our services – cheap and fast. Our guide transit times to send any parcel to Canada is 1-2 business days. All you have to do is to get your parcel packed in a good cardboard box (hard one to withstand any rash handling) and also to avoid any mishaps on the way to your receiver.

Parcels to Canada from UK

Our website will come in handy if you are unsure of the steps you have to follow to get your parcel ready to be shipped to Canada or anywhere else in the worlds. In the guide sections on the home page you can first of all do a quick check of the items that are prohibited or restricted to ship on our couriers’ network. Also, you will find useful tips on the steps to follow to place your order with us.

500g letter to Canada

The price for sending a letter or a document starts from £19.90. Our customers can choose between 6 available services on our website based on their preferences.

1 kg small parcel to Canada

Small parcels can be shipped for £31.01 if you prefer to drop off the parcel at a drop off point, or for £31.19 if you prefer for the package to be collected from your home or office address.

5 kg courier service to Canada

The priority express service provided by one of the biggest international courier company in the world will cost you £47.04 to ship a 5kg box or you can choose from other 5 services available for a 5kg commercia shipment or 3 other services for a shipment containing your personal possessions.

20 kg heavy or large parcelto Canada

The price for such a parcel starts from £85.02 on a service which can get your parcel delivered the next working days if shipped to a major business centre in Canada and if there are no additional customs requirements.

Large parcel to Canada

If you cannot fit your goods in a 1kg, 5kg or 20kg packages you should not worry as we do not limit at these specific weights. There is actually no standard weight or size for your boxes or cases.

Pallet to Canada

Palletised items can be sent to Canada on discounted rates with us as well. If you are sending large items or heavy items you might consider sending them on a pallet. Wood strong and in good condition pallets should be used by our customers for such shipment. It is important to make sure that the boxes are evenly distributed on the pallet and are well secured as to ensure easy handling and safe travel. Also, no additional labels should be attached except the ones our customer service team will provide you with.

Courier to Canada prices

People usually when plan to send something to a foreign country would do a bit of research on different available options and prices. As we are a customer-oriented company and we strive to make our online users’ life easier, on the website we provide our customer with more than one available service for your shipment so you can compare different available services and prices at the same time on the same website. That will save you time so you can focus more on packing and getting everythingyou need ready.

Fast delivery to Canada

Did you know that you can get your letter or document to Canada on the next flight leaving UK and have it delivered the next working day? The Priority Express service is the quickest services you can purchase from us to send your urgent letter to a main city in Canada.

Your parcel can reach Canada in a short time as well. On our services if shipped to a main city, it can reach the destination in 2 working days. If it is a small parcel and all the paperwork has been submitted to customs in time it can even be out for delivery on the next working day after reaching the destination.

Canada customs

If you are travelling or moving to Canada and would like to ship your goods ahead you can do so using one of our services. IT is worth remembering however that you are planning to ship to a country which is outside European Economic Area, hence all the goods must be declared and customs cleared.

Customs is a government body which ensures that all the goods that are crossing Canadian borders are legal and safe, hence they do a thorough check on all the shipment sent to this country.

Gifts to Canada

Did you know that you can send tax – free gift to your loved ones in Canada? All the gifts that are worth up to CAD$60 are exempt of duty and taxes. You can surprise your family with a nice Christmas, Birthday or with no reason gift without worrying that they will have to pay duty and taxes to receive it.

Personal belongings to Canada

To make sure the customs will clear your shipment as soon as possible you need to make sure you provide customs with an invoice containing a detailed description and itemized list of the goods inside this shipment. Also, it is worth mentioning in your invoice that you are shipping personal effects. If your personal effects are used cloths than it is recommended to declare the value of each items as 10% of the original value. Each customer has to make sure that no prohibited items are being sent inside the consignment.

How to find the cheapest way to send parcels to Canada from the UK

A quick quote on our website will provide you with competitive prices for shipment to Canada.

Since Canada has postcodes do not forget to have the correct postcode on your labels. When your parcels are ready, go to our website add all the details of the parcel. The collection address (door to door service), the contact details of both the sender and the receiver. The correct postcode of where the parcel is going to please understand that if your parcels are going to a remote area the guide transit time might differ.

Once all the above steps are done you ready to print out the labels and invoice and stick it to your parcels. Invoices are of two different types – commercial and proforma. If you are selling something to the receiver it will need a commercial invoice and if it is gift for the receiver a pro-forma invoice is needed. If you still have any doubts or do not understand you can simply go to our website and click on frequently asked questions.

Finally, the driver would be there to collect your parcels anytime between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Once it has been collected you can go on our website put the shipment number or the waybill number on the tracking and track it. We are also available to help you over the phone at 02087318653. Our office is based in London. Moreover, you can enjoy reading some of the reviews of our valued customers below.