Tourist attractions not to miss while being in Barcelona

Tourist attractions not to miss while being in Barcelona

Bhavika - June 14, 2019

Well if you are planning to visit the great city of Barcelona. The city itself is made of art architecture. It’s the great form of art that you will find in Spain. It can be really easy for a traveler who is looking to visit these wonderful tourist places in the world.

Let’s start by telling you what to do before visiting Barcelona. Always get your flight booked. Accommodation and expenses sorted out before you leave. Try to send your luggage before you start your journey by luggage shipping as it makes it easier for you. Lastly, tours can be really exhausting so read out about the places and what can you really do while you are there.

When you arrive at your destination and then plan your trip, it can be really worrisome and stressful. If cannot manage such stuff. Travel with some tour guide or travelling company.

So, let’s list out the perfect locations of this artistic city. Here is the tourist attraction you should not miss while being there. These are some of the perfect shortlisted and highly recommended place to be in Barcelona:

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia: Traditional special

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions to pursue due to interest for Christians, which creates in front of Christ and false passion, which shows the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. Equal equality, the interior is a length of 90 meters long and 60 meters high. The roof shines with rich decorative details and colorful glassware windows. Apse is an extraordinary cross that works as a light home.

Casa Mila: Gate to be seen

What a great place to be when admiring the beauty of this city with the entrance of the building passing through a prominent wrought iron gate leading into the inner courtyard. The building is supported by grooved arcs designed to load the bearings, a feature that develops Gaudi's genius as a designer. Visitors can go to the roof terrace to look in detail at the complicated mosaic chimneys. On the rooftop there are breathtaking views of the city, overlooking the Sagrada Familia Basilica, further afield. 

Gaudi's Surrealist Park the leisure hub

This would be last attraction to list being the majestic surreal garden full of colorful, cheerful and moody cultural monuments designed by Antoni Gaudi. The Park Guell is beautifully arranged and has architectural features. Viaducts, caves, pillar halls, circular staircases and half-closed chairs are scattered throughout the area. This creative structure is decorated with colorful ceramic pieces. This beautiful terrace offers beautiful city and sea views. Gaudi himself likes this part of town, and his house is here.

Hence, it is safe to say that this city is made of great artists and architectures which gave this city a gift of melancholy which portrays through its scale. There are many other locations for this beautiful city but for short trips this a must watch. While being there, if you happen to forget your luggage or want to get some parcel received you always rely on Courierpoint for such a service, because when you are away and at times in hurry you forget important stuff.

It’s a great place to be with such magnificent art surrounding the city. Plan to visit, must see these places.


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