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Cheapest parcel delivery services to Germany

We hold accounts with the best international courier services including DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. Your selected carrier will collect and ship your shipment through their network as if it was sent directly with them to your destination.

Choosing to work with Courierpoint will give to access to all of our carriers services at preferential rates. This is due to our bulk buying discounts that we pass onto our clients. Ensuring that you have access to the most reliable international courier services, at the most competitive prices.

You will be supported by our 5 star rated customer support team, who have direct access to our carriers key accounts support team to resolve any challenges in the shortest possible time.

Parcels to Germany from UK

See below examples of the low prices that we can offer for when you need to send shipments of documents, luggage, parcels and pallets to Germany.

500g letter to Germany

Air Express to Germany - 1 day transit time - from £13.27 + VAT

1 kg Small parcel to Germany

1 day transit time - from £16.54-by Air, Fully Tracked

5 kg Courier service to Germany

3-4 day transit time - from £20.00 + VAT - Value Economy, Fully Tracked

20 kg Heavy parcel to Germany

2- 3 days transit time - Heavy parcels to Germany from £20.20 + VAT

We can move items up to 1000 kilos in weight on a pallet.

Large parcel to Germany

We specialise in moving unusual size parcels and pallets to throughout Germany. We can move items up to 240cms in length and up to 1000 kilos when they are on a pallet. All shipments are fully tracked and be delivered next day by air, or on an economy road service. We often give bespoke quotations for these types of shipments so please get in touch with your needs.

Luggage to Germany

We offer a full luggage delivery service when sending suitcases to Germany. We can move suitcases, sports equipment and boxes of personal effects from anywhere in the UK to all across Germany. We can provide luggage shipping label holders for free, and offer a proactive luggage tracking service that automatically notifies you when your delivery is made. Our allowance

Imports from Germany

You can import parcels, documents, luggage, pallets and freight from anywhere in Germany into the UK. You can have next day air express delivery, or an economy road service delivered within 7 days to suit your budget. All our import services are fully tracked.

Pallet to Germany

Sending a pallet to Germany from the UK is easy with us. We will arrange to have a pallet lorry and forklift come to your location to collect your pallets. They will then be routed with an international pallet service carrier, and delivered on time, according to the service that you selected. We can move pallets with a weight of up to 1000 kilos. Prices are calculated on an individual basis so please contact customer service for your quotation.

Removals to Germany

If you are relocating to Germany, for work, pleasure or to study we are able to help you save money on your international shipping costs. Just make a list of the sizes of your boxes and cases and we can arrange for your goods to be moved economically on a door to door basis. Just read our five star rated reviews to see how well we will look after your work.

Freight to Germany

Through our booking portal commercial clients have access to discount rates for shipping your freight to Germany, with the best international courier services. We can deliver parcels and pallets throughout Germany, on tracked services. Our e-commerce regular sender accounts offer unique tools to save you time, trouble and money on your freight shipping.

Shipping to Germany

We work with many ecommerce stores who require a European wide economical way deliver their orders to clients in Germany. If you are shipping bulk orders, or small regular shipments to Germany and need a reliable cost-effective service to deliver your goods. We have multiple carrier options in place. Just ask for a tour of our systems by contacting customer service and see how much time, trouble and money we can save you.

Cheapest way to send a parcel to Germany

When you are sending a parcel to Germany through an international courier service, there are four main factors that control the price that you will be charged.

  1. Volumetric Parcel Size

The bigger that a parcel is, the more space it will take up on the flight or lorry moving it. Carriers charge according to the space that an item takes up, as well its weight. So, if you have two parcels with a same weight, the larger one may cost more to deliver. To keep your cost down, pack your contents into the smallest size parcel that they can fit in whilst ensuring that you use good internal packaging to protect the contents whilst in transit.

  1. Weight

The heavier your parcel’s weight is, the more it will cost to deliver it. As larger parcels take longer to move around and use more fuel for the carriers that lighter ones. So the less weight your parcel has the lower the cost for moving it will be.

  1. Destination Location

If you are sending your shipments to the capital city of a Country, the carriers will have lots of freight being delivered there and their cost of operation is low. However, if you are sending to a remote area, that requires a driver to travel long distances out of main metropolitan areas, this has an additional cost for carriers and they have to charge accordingly.

  1. Type of service

The type of service that you select will affect the cost of your parcel delivery. If you want a fast-next day delivery service, this will cost more than an economy road shipment which will take longer.

Compare shipping quotes to Germany

Using our online shipping calculator, you can get instant quotes from carriers to select the delivery service that meets your requirements for transit time, cost and liability cover. You can also call customer services for unusual shipments who will give you bespoke quotations in minutes.

Sending gifts to Germany

All shipments traveling between the UK and Germany are currently governed by the European Union membership agreement, giving both Countries free access as members of the European Union single market. Therefore, you will not be charged are import duty on goods traveling between the UK and Germany, which includes gifts.

Personal Belongings to Germany

If your personal belonging are in the UK or Germany and you would like to send them to the other Country. We can organise to ship, boxes, parcels and suitcases at an economical rate with the best international courier services. So that your shipment will be delivered on time, in good condition at the best possible price. As Germany is part of the European Union, there will be no import duty or taxes to pay or customs invoices that need to be prepared.

Have a look at the 5 star ratings that our clients have given us on the independent review website Trustpilot to see why using our services will give you peace of mind.

International Student Discount Shipping to Germany

If you are in a full-time educational course within the UK or Germany. We want to help to keep your costs as low as possible by offering a 10% off student discount for all the shipping of your books and personal possessions. Simply contact customer service with details of your university and course, and we will give you a unique discount code for you. You can use this for both import and export services to save carrying everything with you when you travel.

We have been helping international students with their shipping for the last 15 years, so you know you are in good hands, just read our independent reviews to know that you are trusting the most reliable experts. If you have any questions we are here to help, just contact customer services anytime.

Drop off service for parcel to Germany

We have over 1200 drop off points throughout the UK. Clients can find local drop off points that are usually within a few minutes traveling time throughout the UK. Simply print off the shipping labels, and the drop off instruction point information sheet that we provide, and you can send your parcel to Germany from over 1200 drop off points in the UK.

We have a lot of useful information within the FAQ page, and it is recommended that you read through this page, before sending any shipments as it addresses the most frequently asked questions that we are asked.

It is always good practice to read through our FAQ page, as here we list a lot of information that shippers can find very useful, including information on liability and advice on how to pack your goods. Our customer service team is available to help with any queries Monday through to Friday -9am to 5.30pm, excluding bank holidays.