Travel Like a VIP By Sending Your Luggage Ahead.

Travel Like a VIP By Sending Your Luggage Ahead.

Darren Gross - August 29, 2018

Reading the Mail on Sunday’s article about never carrying luggage again, and you can see how many people are now enjoying travelling like a VIP by sending their luggage ahead. This makes complete sense to make your journey stress free, which is why we also offer a

luggage shipping service


Using our 17 years of experience, we have been able to create a service that uses both the best international couriers for reliability, but also uses our bulk buying power to offer incredible value and savings when compared to airline baggage charges.

When shipping with our

luggage shipping service

, we arrange for the best international couriers to collect your suitcases from your door. They travel with branded international couriers and delivered before you even leave for the airport.

As this article reports many celebrities such as Joan Collins are enjoying the obvious benefits of not needing to carry suitcases and queue with them at check in or at the collection carousel. With the low cost services that we have developed, you can now enjoy the same VIP experience.

We aim to enhance your holiday with our stress free service, from printing out all of your baggage labels, and posting them out with Free luggage label holders. You do not have to do anything except pack. With our 30 kilo luggage allowance as standard you really can pack everything within your bags that you would like to. When you compared with airlines offerings of 20-23 kilo baggage allowances this is far more generous not to mention the huge savings that you can make with the cost of luggage shipping being as low as £24 a bag. With automatic notifications that your bags have arrived and are waiting for you, you can really relax and enjoy your journey.

We have had great positive feedback from families with your children, to older travellers who prefer not to have to carry heavy baggage on their journey too millennial city breakers who all love the convenience. We even arrange to bring the baggage back after you leave and proactively monitor the carriers to ensure that this happens on time. Why not read our reviews to see what our customers say about the 5 star rated service and support that we provide.

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