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Ukraine is an eastern European country that is bordered by Poland and Belarus. Ukraine is known to be one of the worlds largest grain exporters, this is one of the reasons why so many countries see Ukraine as a valuable trade partner. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and this is where one of the major international hubs can be found.

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Cheapest way to send a parcel to Ukraine

When you are sending a parcel to Ukraine through an international courier service, there are four main factors that control the price that you will be charged. They are as followed:

Volumetric Parcel Size

The bigger that a parcel is, the more space it will take up on the flight or lorry moving it. Carriers charge according to the space that an item takes up, as well its weight. So, if you have two parcels with a same weight, the larger one may cost more to deliver. To keep your cost down, pack your contents into the smallest size parcel that they can fit in whilst ensuring that you use good internal packaging to protect the contents whilst in transit.


The heavier your parcel's weight is, the more it will cost to deliver it. As larger parcels take longer to move around and use more fuel for the carriers that lighter ones. So the less weight your parcel has the lower the cost for moving it will be.

Destination Location

If you are sending your shipments to the capital city of a Country, the carriers will have lots of freight being delivered there and their cost of operation is low. However, if you are sending to a remote area, that requires a driver to travel long distances out of main metropolitan areas, this has an additional cost for carriers and they have to charge accordingly.

Transit guide

Parcels being sent to Ukraine from the UK will be dealt with by one of the three carriers that are used by Courierpoint which are TNT, FedEx and DHL. At each stage the shipment scans will enable you to track its progress through to delivery. Our dispatch system automatically emails notification of dispatch to the receiver and includes information on how they can also track their shipments progress, perfect for e-sellers as this reduces customer queries.


Although Ukraine is not a part of the European Union, the rules for clearing Ukrainian customs are based on those of the EU. That means that duties and taxes will be charged on all parcels worth more than €150 during the clearance process.


So that we can make sure that your parcel intact and on time, the address would need to be formatted in the correct way

A Ukrainian address normally includes:


[street, house number, apartment number]

[town or city]

12345 [postal code]

UKRAINE [Country name]

Ukrainian postal codes are made up of five digits, and are assigned to any settlement with more than 500 people.

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