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We can send a parcel to Indonesia using our fast air express document and parcel delivery service in only two to three working days from the UK. All parcels are fully tracked from door to door so that you can have complete peace of mind whilst your goods are in transit. Our UK customer service team are available to assist you any time with any queries about your shipment.

So other information about Singapore that you might find of interest is that Indonesia consists of a collection of Islands (also known as an archipelago), It is the largest archipelago in the world consisting of 17,540 small and large tropical islands, Only 6000 of which are inhabited. Based in South-east Asia some of the more popular islands are islands such a Bali, Papua and Sumatra. The Word Indonesia derives from two Greek words; Indo’s which means ‘Indian’ and nesos meaning ‘islands’. The country lies between Australia and Asia, spread in-between the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Indonesia is culturally rich, with a diverse population of 246.9 million people. 200 different ethnic groups currently reside within Indonesia. Although there is no divide as such the concept of being Indonesian remains a ghost ideology, as it is broken up by the many different cultural and ethnic groups that dominate the islands. Indonesia embraces many different religions, although predominately the mass populations of Indonesia follow Islam, which makes Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country in the world. Although there are Islands such as Bali where the religion is predominately Hindu, where as in large parts of Papua and North Sumatra follow Christianity.

As it is so multicultural Indonesia celebrates many different holidays mainly religious, Holidays and festivals are celebrated depending on the mass in a particular area or island. The exceptions to this however are public holidays, which apply to the whole nation.

Indonesian people speak many different languages as it is so ethically diverse, although the official language spoken and taught in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia which originates from the language Malay.

Indonesia’s cuisine varies between the islands, Indonesian cuisine is influenced from many different cultures, and many dishes originate from Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and European dishes. Rice being the most prominent staple food in most dishes with a side of fish, chicken or vegetables as well as core ingredients coconut milk and chilli which are used in most dishes.

Indonesia has temperamental monsoon type weather (hot and humid) which typically lasts up to 6 months at a time, Extreme rainfall is normally expected between December and March. It boasts an impressive landscape with various different species of flowers and animals spread across the lands, There are also many mountains and active volcanoes on the islands, because of it’s location Indonesia is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami’s.

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