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Courierpoint.com can help you send your parcels to Greece. We have a partnership arrangement with some the largest branded international courier services in the world that allows us to send parcel to Greece with them at up to 68% off their list price. This means that if you have family , friends or a holiday home in Greece you can now use courierpoint.com to deliver any gifts, presents or supplies that you want to send. Most parcels are sent on our economy road and sea service, the transit time is 5 to 7 working days and offers a door to door cost effective delivery solution. If you choose to send a parcel to Greece in this way, please understand that it moves through several vehicles and boats, so the box has to be very well packed and secure to ensure that everything cannot move or get damaged. We have even moved multiple boxes for people who have chosen to retire to Greece and are relocating their possessions.

Although Greece has many islands we find that the vast majority of the shipments that we send go to the mainland and in particularly to Athens. When a shipment is sent to an island, the transit time is often extended by a week as it is considered a remote locate. The cost of sending to remote destinations is also higher. The instant quote courierpoint.com website will check your delivery postcode and confirm if an area is remote or not at the time of booking. We know that our clients appreciate this as they like to know the transit time and cost of their shipments before they are sent. We always work hard to provide this information online, however if any client has any questions that can always call our local customer service team who are happy to help with any queries.

Greece is also well known as a fantastic holiday destination. So some clients use our services to send that holiday clothes out to a hotel to avoid the airlines heavy additional weight charges for luggage. This proving very popular as is the sales of goods on line those originate in England. As so many people holiday throughout Greece they speak English very well which is helps to make trade easy. As Greece is part of the EU UK sellers do not have to worry about any of their shipments having addition tax or import duty charges. Meaning that when someone buys something in the UK and the price includes delivery charges that should be all the receiver has to pay for the goods exactly as if they had bought them locally. When online sellers sell products for delivery to Greece, choosing courierpoint.com is a wise choice to ensure your parcels arrive in good condition and that you pay the lowest possible prices for their delivery. So see what some of our customers say about our highly rated delivery services, just have a look at our reviews. Please see a selection below:-

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