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Choosing CourierPoint to send parcels to Middle East, Dubai a city-state in UAE is a brilliant idea. Don’t forget sending parcels to anywhere in the world is a three step process through courierpoint.com. The fast and economical service. The guide transit times to send anything to Dubai whether it is parcel or courier is 2-3 working days exclusive of the clearance times through the customs. Just three steps and your parcel is in Dubai:

1. Collect all the details for the parcel going to Dubai – Name of the person collecting it, Contact number for the person receiving the parcel and finally a P O Box no. When you have all these details fill them on the website www.courierpoint.com Don’t forget to get your parcel ready with proper packaging (hard box), bubble wrap it if needed to avoid any disappointments for the receiver.

2. Next step will be to put all the details on quote and book page select the service. Choose whichever service suits you best. Don’t forget that the parcel is not going to any part in EU, so you will have to put an invoice with your parcels to go. If you are selling an item parcel to the sender, you will need a commercial invoice. If the parcel is a gift or a sample please attach a Pro-forma invoice. Once the invoice and labels are ready print them out and place it on your parcel.

3. It is matter of time when your parcel will be collected and out for delivery. You can also track your parcels on our web-site.

If you have any further issues or questions you can either go to our web-site and click on the FAQ’s or you can also contact us on our Customer services on 0834 227 3561. Our office is based at London. Our customer services are open anytime between 9:30 am – 5:30pm. You can also go through some of our great reviews on our web-site of some of our customers.

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