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Taiwan is one the upmost developed economies in Asia, they are also known as Republic of China. Taiwan is an eclectic mix of enterprises and individuals, including governmental officials, farmers, small business owners, and artisans. The working class is one fifth of the population, and the middle class makes up another fifth.Taiwan enjoys a great trade economy and a top location for trade routes. Like Hong Kong, Taiwan is officially a part of the People's Republic of China, despite operating separately from it

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If you would select our economy service you would except a guide transit time of 2-6 working days. However, if you were to select the express service the package would be expected to be delivered in 2 business days.

Luggage to Taiwan

If you are relocating to Taiwan or returning home there and you need to get all your possessions to Taiwan, too, Send My Bag could be the answer. Send My Bag can send your luggage and boxes to Taiwan for you. This is a good way to make your journey to Taiwan much more manageable and less stressful since you won't have to worry about your luggage at all – no waiting for it to arrive on the baggage carousel, no dragging several bags behind you and no struggling onto public transport with your bags in tow. To learn more about sending luggage to Taiwan


In order to gain duty relief when shipping to Taiwan, the consignee must provide a copy of their flight ticket from the country they are shipping from to Taiwan, their entry stamp confirming arrival in Taiwan, and their stamped Inbound Traveller Declaration form which is obtained from customs at the airport of arrival. If no declaration form is provided then duty relief will not be granted. In addition, non-Taiwanese citizens who are relocating to the country for work or study may be required to provide copies of their Alien Resident Certificate, work or employment certificate. Taiwanese Citizens may need to provide a copy of their Residence ID. Shipments must be sent within 6 months of the consignee's arrival in Taiwan.Customs will generally also exempt a consignee from paying duty on smaller shipments of negligible value, providing the declared value of the shipment is less than 2000 NTD.

How to address the Shipment?

An address written in Chinese will start with the biggest geographical component (the province)and end with the smallest one (the addressee). However, the name of the country (P.R. CHINA)must be written in an internationally known language.

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premise + street + sub-loc.


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