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Singapore is one of the world’s five busiest ports. The Country is market based, operating a free and business friendly environment. It is ranked second after Hong Kong as the freest market economy according to the Index of Economic Freedom 2011. It also has a very low level of corruption alongside the Nordic Countries and New Zealand. It is currently the 15th biggest importer in the world, with a triple AAA credit rating. As a result of these facts the country has a large amount of foreign investment in almost all sectors of the economy. It has signed over ten free trade agreements with other Countries.

Due to low tax it has become increasingly known as tax haven. Many wealthy people are basing themselves in Singapore as the country does not charge tax on income generated outside the Country. This means that plenty of luxury goods are exported form the United Kingdom by air express services to Singapore. If you need to use discounted courier services to send a parcel to Singapore we are perfectly placed to assist you, if you are a retailer or individuals we can provide high quality reliable branded services for parcel delivery services to Singapore.

Although Singapore has a lot of manufacturing and financial services companies, they also have a large tourism industry with over 10,000,000 tourists visiting the Country each year. They also have legalised casinos and gambling. They also have over 200,000 foreigners visiting the country as medical tourists each year and are planning for this to dramatically increase in the next through years. They also have over 80,000 international students studying there. As a successful Country they have a very low 2% rate of unemployment.