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With Poland joining the European Union, the opportunity of finding work within Britain became a reality and many we now benefit from a large Polish community living and working in Britain. As a result many people now need to send parcels from the UK to Poland for birthdays, anniversaries and gifts to family members and friends. In the past people would post parcels home from the local Royal Mail post office. However now many people are looking for what alternative services are available online by search by searches online through One option that many people are using is We are one of the largest online resellers of courier services, as a result we are able to offer the services of some of the largest branded international courier services at discounted prices. Through you are able to arrange to have a parcel collected from any address in the UK and delivered on a door to door service to any address within Poland. Most of the parcels that we deliver go to the main Polish cities including, Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz.

It is not just the Polish community within the UK that is using our services to send parcels to Poland. Our services were originally set up to enable small businesses to take advantage of our discounted prices when sending documents and parcels abroad. Now many UK businesses are having goods manufactured in Poland and therefore need to send lots of parcels to factories in Poland. As offers both an air express service and an economy service delivered by sea and road. We therefore have a service to meet most the needs of most businesses delivering parcels to Poland.

When sending a parcel to Poland it is important to use the correct packaging. We recommend that all parcels have their contents wrapped in bubble wrap and that nothing touches the side of the box. All boxes should be new and double walled. If you are sending electrical items they should be in the manufactures original packaging and has usually been stress tested for transportation. Please also understand that sending parcels to Poland is much further than sending a domestic shipment so please pack well and do not let he contents move around within the parcel.

As Poland is in the E.U. we have a free trade agreement. This means that when you send your parcels into Poland that there is no additional duty or taxes for your to pay. This means that that consumers in Poland can have peace of mind that when they buy something online from the UK that the government will not charge extra money when it comes into the country. Before you send any parcels into Poland please have a look at the reviews our clients have given us for our parcel to Poland service. We are very pleased to be consistently given a five star rating as we are only as good as our clients fell we are:-