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Cheapest parcel delivery services to Malta

The Republic of Malta is a tiny nation located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy and east of Tunisia. It's one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Thanks to its warm climate and historical ties with the UK and Europe, Malta is a hugely popular holiday destination for Britons. As such,Parcel to Ireland from the UK

Parcel to Malta

Shipping a parcel to Malta the starting price would be £40.17 + VAT. We are able to send many different types of shipments from the UK to Malta. Whether you need to send documents, luggage, parcels or freight. All are services are at low prices that will save you money. All of our services are accessed through our online portal this is where you can compare all the features of each service and make a selection of the one that is perfect for your needs. Shipping from the UK to Malta is always in demand.

Packing your parcel

When sending a shipment to Malta, it is very important that you assure that your items are sufficiently protected and packaged for transportation. Whether you choose an economy road service, or an express air service your package will be handled multiple times and it will be subject to vibrations during transportation.


As the Republic of Ireland is in the EU, you don't need to worry about customs.

Large parcel and air freight

We can move items up to 240cms in length and up to 1000 kilos when they are on a pallet. Sending a pallet to Ireland from the UK is easy with us. We will arrange to have a pallet lorry and forklift come to your location to collect your pallets. They will then be routed with an international pallet service carrier, and delivered on time, according to the service that you selected. Prices are calculated on an individual basis so please contact customer service for your quotation.

Cheapest way to send a parcel to Ukraine

When you are sending a parcel to Ukraine through an international courier service, there are four main factors that control the price that you will be charged. They are as followed:

Volumetric Parcel Size

The bigger that a parcel is, the more space it will take up on the flight or lorry moving it. Carriers charge according to the space that an item takes up, as well its weight. So, if you have two parcels with a same weight, the larger one may cost more to deliver. To keep your cost down, pack your contents into the smallest size parcel that they can fit in whilst ensuring that you use good internal packaging to protect the contents whilst in transit.


The heavier your parcel's weight is, the more it will cost to deliver it. As larger parcels take longer to move around and use more fuel for the carriers that lighter ones. So the less weight your parcel has the lower the cost for moving it will be.

Destination Location

If you are sending your shipments to the capital city of a Country, the carriers will have lots of freight being delivered there and their cost of operation is low. However, if you are sending to a remote area, that requires a driver to travel long distances out of main metropolitan areas, this has an additional cost for carriers and they have to charge accordingly.